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At last – a reason to look forward to Monday mornings! DJ Simon puts together a high-decibel mix of garage, punk, psychedelia, indie rock, and other weird stuff to jump-start your week. It's a balanced breakfast for your ears, fortified with new finds, old favorites, and under-the-radar gems. Tune in and freak out!

Mon Jul 17th 2017 8.00am–10.00am

R=listener request. N=music new at the station. L=local music. Your purchases using the Buy it! links help support the station.

Time zone: eastern

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7:55am   DJ Simon (host)

Hold on to your eardrums, Racket's up in 5 minutes.

8:04am   saginaw

No beach, just 'Racket'

8:04am   DJ Simon (host)

Good day, Saginaw!

8:09am   saginaw

Gonna sit for 30 minutes and enjoy my coffee to 'get a grip on myself'

8:09am   saginaw

and listen to what I know will be a fine set

8:11am   DJ Simon (host)

Good idea. Enjoy!

8:48am   hippriest20

it was nice hearing the new show infernal aural fixation the other day. you out sued sue. God Bless.

8:50am   saginaw

You might like this guitar version of 'my dog was lost' by Fiery Furnaces https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1mGNYXqVo0

8:54am   DJ Simon (host)

Thanks, Hip Priest!

8:57am   DJ Simon (host)

I like it, Saginaw - nice wah wah action. I'll try to work it in today.

9:13am   Ted

DJ Simon! My morning just got very very happy.

9:14am   Ted

As sad as I am that it won't be James and Simon on Friday mornings, I'm glad that your collective music library brains are getting split across multiple days.

9:16am   DJ Simon (host)

Indeed - we've been calling it cross pollination between shows.

9:16am   Ted

Monday 8-10. Saving the date!

9:16am   Ted

lol. Work time. Today is going to be awesome.

9:56am   saginaw

Good show. Got to get to work

9:57am   DJ Simon (host)

Enjoy your day, Saginaw! Thanks for listening!


Monty Python “Background to History”
from Matching Tie and Handkerchief Album (Charisma 1973)


Sham 69 “There's Gonna Be A Borstal Break-Out”
from There's Gonna Be A Borstal Break-Out 7" Single (Polydor 1978)


The Stranglers “(Get a) Grip (On Yourself)”
from Rattus Norvegicus CD Album (EMI 1977)


The Now “Development Corporations”
from Development Corporations 7" Single (Ultimate Record Label 1977)


Generation X “New order”
from Perfect Hits (1975-1981) Comp (Chrysalis Records 1978)


Stiff Little Fingers “Rough Trade”
from Inflammable Material Album (Rough Trade/Restless 1979)


Sid Vicious “Something Else”
from The Great Rock & Roll Swindle Comp (Virgin 1979)


Jim Carroll Band “Sweet Jane”
from I Write Your Name Album (Atlantic 1983)


Johnny Thunders “in Cold Blood”
from In Cold Blood Album (New Rose Records 1983)


Chayns “Night Time (Is the Right Time)”
from Never Ever Land, Vol. 1 Comp (Charly Records 1967)


The Jackets “Be Myself”
from Be Myself / Queen of the Pill - Single Single (Voodoo Rhythm 2017) N


The Lords of Altamont “Burn Me Out”
from Black Eyed Girl 7" Single (2011)


Squall “No Life Here”
from No Life Here​/​Repulsor Single (2013) L


Ice Balloons “The Wasp”
from Fiesta Album (Volar Records 2017) N


Skeptics “Go Mental”
from Skeptics Other Album (Bandcamp 2017)


Kinski “Dayroom At Narita Int'l”
from Down Below It's Chaos Album (Sub Pop www.subpop.com/ 2007)


Skeptics “Go Mental”
from Skeptics Other Album (Bandcamp 2017) —Oops. Played this one twice by mistake.


The Fiery Furnaces “My Dog Was Lost But Now He's Found”
from Blueberry Boat Album (Rough Trade 2004) R


The Reverberations “Mess Up Your Mind” Album (Screaming Apple Records 2016)


The Improbables “Tired of Living”
from Object To Be Destroyed Album (Hidden Volume 2017) N


Hoodoo Gurus “(Let's All) Turn On”
from Stoneage Romeos Album (Big Time 1984)


Little Barrie “Fuzz Bomb”
from Shadow Album (Little Barrie 2014)


Reverends “SomeHighSun”
from Derealization Blues Album (Fat Elvis Records / Fonoflo Records 2016)


The I.L.Y.'s “The Treatment”
from Bodyguard Album (Castle Face 2017) N


Future Clouds & Radar “Get Your Boots On”
from Future Clouds & Radar Album (Star Apple Kingdom/Fontana North 2007)


Bleached “You Take Time”
from Carter - Single Single (Art Fag Recordings 2011)


Crocodiles “Bubblegum Trash”
from Endless Flowers Album (Fat Possum www.fatpossum.com 2012)


The Dirtbombs “Sugar On Top”
from Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey! Album (In the Red 2013)


Wand “Floating Head”
from Golem MP3 Album (In the Red 2015)


Curly Teeth “Micachu”
from Jewellery Album (Rough Trade 2009)


Pow! “The Heart & the Spade”
from Fight Fire MP3 Album (Castle Face 2015)


Happy World “Worms”
from Happy World Album (1984)

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